The Discipleship family.

Truly, the importance of a mother to a child (no matter the age) cannot be over looked by any means so is the pillar of discipleship in the body of Christ. KUCU Main Campus goal in Discipleship is to equip students have Christ as the Lord of all aspects of their lives by learning from Him and becoming like Him through their journey in campus and beyond. Not only does this become a spring board ministry but a home of refreshing where nourishments and repairs are served.

To realize this, following strategies are laid. First, freshmen are oriented and trained through Anza FYT program at the beginning of academic year and nurturing and assimilation of believers through the NURTURE SUBCOM. This is meant to welcome them to the church and give them a common platform to worship with people from different background. Secondly, establishment of Christian Disciples where believers are grounded in the faith and are helped to mature. This is through The Bible study small group fellowships (B/S SUBCOM) from various zones, the Men of Valor (MOV) and Daughters of Zion (DOZ) (brothers and sisters fellowship), personal devotions (in Quiet Time through Bible reading program and meditation) and the main fellowship on Wednesday evening.

After a firm grounding, equipping the Church for the different calling through systematic program to become cutting edge servants of the Lord is availed. This is through BIBLE EXPOSITION SELF TRAINING PROGRAMME (BESTPSUBCOM) where students are equipped with skills in handling the Word of God and affirming their faith in the midst of world forces. Furthermore the triennial National Ezra conference organized by FOCUS Kenya where Scripture engagement and Discipleship is done is part of the strategy.

Finally, empowerment of the leadership and life-long mission is done. This through partnership with Trinity fellowship and FOCUS Kenya to carry out training on disciples-making, Bible study facilitation and mentoring program of Vuka Fit for finalists.

Welcome to the warm family where everyone is someone special !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!